Admin1 on May 30, 2018

Member for Drummoyne, Mr John Sidoti MP has today encouraged the community to get involved in the development of the Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW.

“The solution to suicide does not lie just with individuals but with whole communities,” Mr Sidoti said.

“Together we can build strong, connected, and informed communities where no-one feels isolated and everyone knows how to find help or offer it if needed.

“That’s why we are asking the members of our community to help us understand what is or isn’t working in our area.”

Minister for Mental Health Tanya Davies explained the Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW project is being led by NSW Health and the Mental Health Commission of NSW and will set out fundamental principles for suicide prevention across the state.

“We need to empower every community to co-ordinate the essential elements of suicide prevention in a way that suits their own local needs,” Mrs Davies said.

“To guide the project the Mental Health Commission of NSW has developed a comprehensive survey for members of the community to complete. We encourage every person who has been affected by the tragedy of suicide to provide the Commission with their feedback.”

“No parent, friend, family member or community should have to go through the grief of losing a loved one to suicide, and the NSW Government is committed to optimising and coordinating care and interventions so support reaches those who need it.”

Advice is also being sought from more than 35 organisations including Lifeline, NSW Ambulance, NSW Police, Black Dog Institute, Beyondblue, NSW Farmers Association, Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council, ACON, Primary Health Networks and the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health.