Admin1 on March 29, 2018

The NSW Government has mandated that boarding houses in NSW will have to provide more parking spaces according to in order to reduce the demand and impact on street parking.

Member for Drummoyne, John Sidoti welcomed the proposed changes in response to community concerns of too many cars parked on neighbourhood streets.

“The Drummoyne electorate has a character and vitality that our residents want to preserve,” Mr Sidoti said.

“As a result of community and council feedback, the changes will see car parking standards for boarding houses more than doubled from 0.2 per boarding room to 0.5 per room.

“Boarding houses respond to an important need in the housing market, offering a smaller residence to rent.

“The proposed increase to parking space requirements means more cars will be off the streets and neighbours won’t have to jostle for parking spaces in their neighbourhoods, where parking spots are already at a premium.”

Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, said that the proposed changes were made in consultation with the community and councils.

“The Department has been undertaking a review of the State’s housing policies to ensure the policy framework remains responsive to current conditions and the community’s expectations,” said Mr Roberts.

“These changes will help alleviate street parking congestion and instead put those cars into off-street parking spaces.”

The community is invited to comment on the proposed changes by visiting the Department of Planning and Environment’s website until 16 April 2018.

To view the amendment or to make a submission, please visit